Teachers Pay Teachers Going Strong Sale

Who doesn't love a celebration!  Teachers Pay Teachers is celebrating Three Million Teacher Members!  So get comfy and start taking things from your wishlist to your cart.  TPT is offering 10% off when you use code TPT3 and I am offering 20% off in my store.  For a total of 28% off.  Come back tomorrow to see what great things I bought!


This week

I have been busy this weekend getting my centers ready for the last week in February.  I can't believe there is only a week left in February!  Where did this month go?  As I wrap up this last week, I have made an adorable dental unit for my students.  They are going to enjoy measuring the pictures in math with the tooth ruler.  They are always eager to see what we are going to use to measure with each month.  I am also excited about my emergent reader:  A Visit to the Dentist.  Click the picture below to see my unit on TPT.
Now I must think/find a craft for my students this week.


100 Day and Superhero fun

We just celebrated out 100th day of school and had so much fun!  The students decorated and wore capes to represent Zero the Hero.  One of my friends saw it and we just had to do it this year!  Click here to find how to make your own cape.
The class was very creative with their own cape.

During the day we had four rotations that the students were able to participate in: making zero the hero and writing "I wish I had 100 ____"  I would not want 100 ____",  building a tower with 100 legos, making our 100 year old people and making our 100 day crowns.    

We also made the 100 day gumball machine that you can download for free on my TPT store.