100 Days of School I blogged the first day of school and then went right into the 100th day. Sometime the days just get away from you. We'll we celebrated the 100th day of school a couple of weeks ago and the kids always have so much fun!  We made the 100 day people from Deanna Jump but I forgot to take a pic. They turned out so cute!  We also wrote about Five Things that we've learned in 100 Days of School.
We made these adorable crowns that the students loved wearing all day!
The students also enjoyed making their 100 days snack mix with 10 different snacks.  I have laminated the mats and use them each year.  The circles were made from a circle hole punch.  

The students enjoyed painting using the 100 Day Gumball machine.  Click the picture to take you to my TPT store.  

To end the fun filled day each student went home with a little certificate.  I have such a great friend across the hall that came up with the cute idea.