First Week is complete!

                             Ain't no tired like teacher tired...this will be put into practice by many of us next week, I am sure!! :-)

It seems like the first week of school is always the most stressful and tiring, but its' done!  One week down.  This past week we did do a lot of rules and procedures but we also talked about our special friend of the day.  Each day we will introduce a friend.  We take their name and do several activities with it.  Here are three things that we do with our friend's name.

When the students are friends of the day they absolutely love it!  It is their special day.  We do cheers, interviews and their name goes into a class book that is kept in the reading center.  It's a long four weeks of names, but the students enjoy it.  


First day of school fun and some new technology

First day of school was a success!  I had a class full of smiling children who are ready to begin their kindergarten adventure!  To make the day even better I came home to a sweet Target box on my door step.  

I ordered four mini ipads for my class a couple weeks ago when Target had $100 off mini ipads.  I quickly purchased them. I had been waiting for Target to run this specials since June.  They ran it for Father's day and I waited to order and they sold out!  My students are going to be thrilled to have their own ipad center.  Now, I just have to work on getting the otterbox cases.  

Hope your first day of school was a success!


Back to School Sale and My Little Detectives Fun

It's that time of year that teachers look forward to....the TPT back to school sale!  I have been looking all summer for things that I have wanted to buy.  If I could wait I did, if I couldn't, of course I bought!  I have two days to fill my cart, take things off my cart, fill my cart again and check out.  Yup, this happens at least two to three times during the sale.  The sale has already started so I am going to get hopping and head on over. Click on the picture to take you to my store, I'm having 20% off all items in my store.

I had added a new item to my shop, it's a literacy center with Little Detectives.  Click here for more information on these cute little guys!