Slowly getting things ready

Why is it that teachers are always thinking about the upcoming school year in the summer. I  feel like my brain is always thinking about my classroom and I know many of you are like that because every blog I go to they are mentioning next school year.  I always have the questions: how am I going to set up my room?  Is it going to be the same layout?  What new lessons am I going to incorporate this year? What centers am I going to add to the chart?  I added this packet to my room last year and I wanted to share it with you.  My students loved it!  Click on the picture for more info.


Sneak Peek...

I am excited to make a handwriting packet this summer that I am going to use with my students first semester.  I have decided to revamp my handwriting lessons for next year.  I have started to create a packet where I can teach the students the writing strokes in the letter for the first half of the year and not worry about the lines on the paper. Here is a sneak peek at what they packet will look like when it's completed.

But for this morning I'm going to finish sipping my latte from my favorite nespresso machine.  I am in love it!  I bought it for my hubby for Christmas and it has become my best friend  It works with any type of milk and it tastes so so good!  

Enjoy your beautiful summer day!